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How are Cabinets Eco Friendly?

Cabinets are the primary element in your kitchen, bath or any other room in your home, and primordial in the creation of a harmonious space.

However, what makes our cabinets Eco-Friendly? Cabinetry plays such a crucial part in your remodeling and in your life that we make you the promise that you’ll only find conscious minded cabinets in our showroom. We are very selective with our cabinets and require from our manufacturers to comply with two important rules: to have low to zero off gassing emissions and to have a responsible resource management.

Our main concern is the health of our customers, this is why we require from all of our products to have low to zero off gassing emissions such as VOC’s and formaldehyde. The reason is that these emissions are extremely harmful and can lead to lung disease and cancer. Our cabinets are oil and waterborne finished, and their glues are completely natural and contain zero to extremely low VOC’s. We promise you that with our cabinets you and your love ones can breathe happy!

We also strive for a better tomorrow and a better world. All of our cabinets come from responsible manage forest and their manufacturing processes (production, transportation, distribution) are as sustainable as possible. We make the promise that in buying our cabinetry you’ll be contributing for a better world.

We don’t take the word of our suppliers for granted, therefore, all the cabinets that come out from the mills have strict third party certifications that support their statements.

We invite you to watch this video in order to give you an idea of what are your possibilities with our cabinetry lines;
we hope you’ll enjoy it:

                                                                                                           (Executive Cabinetry)

Why Cabinets?

Putting it simply, cabinets are essential for your space. However, with the myriad of possibilities at your disposal, searching for the one that is right for you can be a difficult task. We love to make this process not only easy but pleasant to our customers and we’ll love to help you too!

We know how to marry sustainability with style and we proudly propose over a 100 different door styles and colors for frame, frameless and inset cabinetry. Our cabinets can be custom or semi-custom, thus the box structure and organizational options are endless and will satisfied any of your needs; roll out shelves, spice drawer tray, pots and pans pull out, wire tray pull out, blind base storage, chopping block pull out, and many more.

We guarantee that in our showroom you’ll find your dream cabinetry and to make things even better all of our cabinets are American made and crafted locally.

To see all of those materials and more we suggested you to come to our showroom. You can also click on the links below of some of our suppliers.

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usfloors_logoExecutive Cabinetry came into being in 2010 through the acquisition of Executive Kitchens, a well-established cabinetry manufacturing facility.  At the time, Executive Kitchens had recently transitioned from solvent-based finishes to all waterborne finishes.

crystal_logoA family tradition that began in 1947, in the garage of cabinetmaker Tom Hammer, has evolved into one of the largest custom cabinet manufacturers in the U.S. To this day, Crystal Cabinet Works is still owned and operated by the Hammer family, with Jeff Hammer, along with his daughters, continuing the tradition of fine custom cabinet making. Every cabinet is still built one at a time, just for you.

breathe_logoBreathe Easy® Cabinets are constructed of non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, including sustainably harvested wood, formaldehyde-free plywood boxes and non-toxic glues and finishes.

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