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How is Carpet Eco-Friendly?

In the current market, most carpeting is not Eco-friendly at all. Most are made from petroleum base materials, a scare resource that is soon to be gone from our earth. The process in producing these materials is also extremely toxic and harmful to the environment, as well as to your indoor air quality.

We at All Eco Design Center are very aware of that and decided to research throughout the US & abroad for companies that are longing for a change and a more sustainable way of doing business. Our suppliers not only propose consumers with an alternative for better products but also propose some of the most interesting and amazing materials that you could imagine.

Mohawk has a carpet that is made out of corn (Yes, you heard it right!) or recycle content such as plastic bottles, which is extremely resilient to stains and easy to clean, without losing the softness that all carpets should have.

We invite you to watch this incredible video which will prove how strong this material is;
we hope you’ll enjoy it:

                    (Mohawk Carpet)

Why Carpet?

Carpet has been around for thousands of years, but it was in the middle of last century that it became very popular with homeowners. People love carpet because of its softness and affordability. However, its great inconvenience lies in its ability to stain and capture allergens.

We at All Eco Design Center have heard the cries for help of many homeowners desiring carpet but fearing the inconveniences that natural or Eco-friendly carpets may bring. As shown in the above video, we have carpet that is so well made that any stain (coffee, wine, grass, or even bleach!) is gone by using only water.

We also do propose many products that are 100% natural such as English sheep wool, which is extremely soft, or if you are looking for a more unique and different look; plant base carpets/rugs are for you. These carpets/rugs are made out of material such as jute or sea grass. This makes them look and feel unique and in a really Eco-friendly manner.

To see all of those materials and more we suggested you to come to our showroom. You can also click on the links below of some of our suppliers.

We carry and install:


earthweave-flooring100% natural, non-toxic wool with natural rubber adhesive that is Zero VOC; made in the USA

fibreworksGrown by, sustained in, and biodegrades with nature. Offering the sisal, jute, coir, seagrass and wool lines.

merida-flooringNatural meets designer, including ababca, grass, jute, wool, and other natural fiber rugs

mohawk-flooring“SmartStrand” line featuring 37% renewably sourced material, lifetime stain and soil warranty, superior durability and comfort

shaw-floors“Carpet to Carpet” line featuring recyled content


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