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How is Cork Eco-Friendly?

Choosing a cork floor means you are contributing to the preservation of forest and habitat, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gases. This is because cork trees are never cut down and, if sustainably harvested, the tree doesn’t get any damage and provides a new harvest every 7 to 9 years. Cork Oak trees not only provide sustainable flooring, but can continue with their purpose on earth by preventing desertification and retaining an annual 4.8 million tons of CO2.

Cork has been used for thousands of years, its uses range from fishing tackle to space craft heat shields (amazing don’t you think so?). The majority of Cork Oak trees are grown in Portugal or Spain and the way of extracting the bark of the tree is an art that has been passed from generation to generation.

We invite you to watch this video showing you the sustainable harvesting process;
we hope you’ll enjoy it:

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Why Cork Flooring?

Cork offers a desirable alternative to more common household flooring with a myriad of protecting benefits: hypoallergenic, naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-static, resistant to flame, mold, mildew, and rot, repels common pests, and provides natural thermal insulation while possessing shock absorbing properties. Thanks to its insulation properties cork floors preserve energy, contribute to reducing heating bills, and most importantly add warmth and cushion underfoot.

Not only does cork “protect” your house better but also makes it feel better. Thanks to air-filled cells, cork is incredibly comfortable and acts as shock absorber by limiting sound and vibration transmission. They help the cork withstands heavy traffic and weight, and provides relief to those that suffer from aching joints or back and bone issues. This is because the air cell recovers well from compression; very much like a wine cork stopper being pulled out of a bottle expands.

The only inconvenience of cork is that its surface is not as dense and durable as, for instance, bamboo. Cork floors are coated with a durable finish, typically 0-VOC polyurethane or ceramic, but the surface is more susceptible to damage than a dense hard surface like bamboo or hardwood. However, cork comes in a myriad of ways and some of our manufactures are aware of the durability issues. There are solid corks that can be refinished like hardwoods, or with durable top wear layers like a sheet of vinyl or Marmoleum. In other words, there is a cork for every household or commercial space!

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We carry and install:

wicandersCork Comfort, Art Comfort, Wood Comfort & Vinyl Comfort lines are JEA Eco Mark Office Approved, Green Guard Certified, and US FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified http://www.wicanders.com/en/collections/corkcomfort/the-collection/

qu-corkQU-Cork offers a limited lifetime structural warranty, and is certified by NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), WFCA (World Floor Covering Association), US Green Building Council, and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality http://www.qu-cork.com/

expanko-flooringFloor Score Certified, Low VOC Content finishes and adhesives, No added urea-formaldehyde resins, SCS Certified for Recycled Content http://www.expanko.com

solida-corkOffers a fusion P.E.T. finish which carries a 15 year residential/5 year commercial wear warranty http://solidacork.com/products.html

usfloors_logoNatural Cork & Almada Cork lines  http://www.usfloorsllc.com/products/natural-cork-collection/traditional-cork-plank/

capri-corkFloorScore® certified http://www.capricork.com/

eco-timberEzCork Wide, Ez Cork Narrow, EzCork Wood & EzCork Stone lines available http://ecotimber.com

harris-cork <http://www.harriscork.com/

wecork http://www.wecork.com


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