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How is a Countertop Eco Friendly?

Countertops are made out of many different materials from natural stone to glass to engineered stone, their attributes change enormously from one material to the other and so deciding which one is good for you can be a difficult task.

First of all, what makes our countertops Eco-Friendly? The most important factor that makes our countertops sustainable is their manufacturing processes. Most of our countertops manufacturers follow strict regulations as well as third parties certifications in order to bring you a clean and sustainable product.

We offer a myriad of countertop materials that are not only unique, but very Eco-Friendly. We have countertops made from natural stone or engineer stone, we have 100% recycle glass countertops from top to bottom or 100% recycle chip glass that are bind with concrete or resin. We carry countertops made out of 100% recycle paper (post-consumer and pre-consumer) bind with a resin, as well as; bamboo, cork and other unique countertop materials for your space.

We invite you to watch this video in order to give you an idea of our engineered-quartz countertops;
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Why Countertops?

Countertops are essential for your kitchen, bathroom or commercial work surface. But with the myriad of different countertops’ products it might be difficult to find the counter top that is right for you.

Our showroom has a large selection of countertops; however, we tend to lead our customers to an engineer surface, such as quartz because of its great advantages. The price might be slightly higher than a natural stone, but the maintenance free and great quality will save you thousands on the long run. Why do we prefer engineered stone? It is more resistant, non-porous, resilient to the grow of mold, mildew and bacteria, and there is no need for periodic sealing. Just keep your hot pots/pans from direct contact with the material and it would last you for a very, very long time.

Another material that is increasing in popularity is recycled glass countertops. This material is unique and comes in two different forms. The first one is called terrazzo which is made out of recycle glass chips bind with cement or resin; we tend to lead our customer for the resin binding because it is more ecological. The second is called bio glass and it’s 100% recycle glass, it’s more resistant that its terrazzo counterpart but also more expensive; however, when it’s display with LED lighting there is nothing that can compare to it, it’s magical!

Keep in mind that we also carry bamboo, cork, recycle paper and many other countertop options in our showroom that would fit perfectly with your current or future project, or complement perfectly with what you already have.

To see all of those materials and more we suggested you to come to our showroom. You can also click on the links below of some of our suppliers.

We carry and install:


CAMBRIA_Logo125_NoTgDuring processing, 100 percent of the water used in Cambria’s plant and fabrication facilities is recycled through a series of advanced settling and filtering techniques. All diamond-metal tooling is retooled and re-used. Scrap material is collected and used as road base material on local construction projects.


ECO by Cosentino® was created by a comprehensive research and development project carried out by the  multinational Spanish company which has reinvested a major part of its annual income in promoting new technologies to create this state-of-the-art product.

vetrazzoLogoWebWe mitigate the inherent impact of manufacturing a product by measuring that impact and adjusting our process at every step in order to reduce our impact on the environment, while driving towards efficiency.


Silestone is internationally certified to ensure maximum safety and protection. Such certificates offer consumers the assurance that Silestone is a safe, top-quality material. Our certificates offer a 100% guarantee.

alkemiALKEMI – acrylic recycled solid surface material is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a leading organization in the evaluation of sustainable materials. This certification confirms that ALKEMI – acrylic contains 91% post-industrial scrap.

paperstonePaperStone® is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with our proprietary PetroFree™ phenolic resins and selected natural pigments on our treater lines. After trimming to length, resin-saturated sheets are stacked and moved into a press where they are fused together under heat and pressure. Paper sheet count determines the thickness of the finished panels.

caesarstoneCaesarstone evolved a new kind of work surface by adding quartz to the Bretonstone process. The manufacture of slabs from a mixture of ground quartz aggregates, pigments and polymers proved to be the unique components necessary for this new generation of surfacing. As a result of this advanced technology, Caesarstone is able to provide improved products with unprecedented physical properties superior to those of marble, granite and other manufactured surfaces

CuravaCurava was born as a result of the growing demand in the American market for countertop surfaces made from renewable and recycled materials. We’ve studied other products and with our extensive experience and knowledge of stone fabrication, decided to produce our own offering with some new ideas. Our focus was to offer a product with even more recyclable materials and adding protective elements into the surfaces

icestone_logo_large_newIceStone is made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, portland cement, and pigment. This simple recipe makes IceStone® the world’s safest, most sustainable durable surface. Whether using our surfaces for countertops, tables, or reception areas, IceStone, LLC is ready to help you realize your vision, your values – and your project’s success.

TLogo_Teragren_MDXeragren products are backed by substantial warranties. Teragren bamboo flooring carries a lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year residential/10-year heavy-use commercial finish warranty. Each product warranty is available here to help you make an informed specification.

totally100% Renewable resource, the millennium’s new “wood” Bamboo is harder and denser than most hard woods, it is16% harder than maple, which is the most common wood used for most cutting boards. After harvesting, bamboo grows back and can be re-harvested every 4 ½ years.  Bamboo does not need re-planting.  Most hardwood have a 30 to 60 year growth cycle

eosEOS Surfaces, L.L.C. is a company founded on the principal of innovation. From the creation of the world’s first truly solid surface to the most functional recycled glass countertop available and now the revolutionary new Cupron protected EOS surface, EOS is always one step ahead. With a unique understanding of both the needs of the retail market and the strict demands of fabricators, EOS is uniquely positioned to offer progressive materials to a discerning marketplace.

logo2Santa Margherita is internationally certified to ensure maximum safety and protection. Such certificates offer consumers the assurance that Santa Margherita is a safe, top-quality material. Our certificates offer a 100% guarantee.


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