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How is Backsplash Eco-Friendly?

Backsplash is generally composed of small tiles made out of a hard wearing material such as stone, ceramic or glass. Their purpose is purely esthetical and is the one thing in your remodeling that can wait indefinitely until you find exactly what you want.

What makes our tiles Eco-friendly is the guaranteed from our manufacturers that their fabrication is as sustainable as possible; production, transportation and distribution. Some of our manufacturers also propose our customers with recycle content products to make it even more Eco-Friendly.

The most common materials used for the production of backsplashes are glass and ceramic. The use of glass has been dated as early as 3500BC, since then its production has grown exponentially. Glass doesn’t biodegraded and this is because once we crush the earth minerals to turn them into glass they’re basically glass forever, and ultimately they finish polluting our landfills. Ceramic suffers from similar problems and we invite you to our “Product-Tile” section to know a little bit more about it.

By buying a product containing recycle content you are helping considerably in the cleaning of our landfills.

We invite you to watch this video and to watch the process of making recycled glass tiles;
we hope you’ll enjoy it:

                                                                                                         (OceanSide Tile)

Why Backsplash?

As mentioned above, backsplash is purely esthetical and isn’t need for the well-being of your space. However, backsplash brings that “je ne sais quoi” that makes a whole space look unique.

When it comes to the creation of your backsplash the possibilities are endless in order to craft the most personal of designs; you can decide what material you want to use: glass, ceramic, stone, metal, etc. but you can also mix and match them. You can decide what geometrical form will best fit your space; from squares to rectangles to circles you have free will in creating that backsplash that would scream – Me!

The fact that each material has its own characteristics makes the selection process even more interesting, since one material or the mix of several of them can complement beautifully with what you already have. For example, some recycle glass tiles have an iridescence color (that special color from soap bubbles) which is not found in any other type of tile. This can be use beautifully as an accent tile over an existing ceramic  backsplash, or you can also blend it with stone tiles so to create a contrast between the two materials. This are just a few ideas out of a million offer by this world of colors and shapes!

To see all of those materials and more we suggested you to come to our showroom. You can also click on the links below of some of our suppliers.

We carry and install:

florida_logoFlorida Tile’s mission is to become the most recognized and valuable domestic brand in the mid to high-end segment of the tile and stone market. Our goal is to recognize the needs of the market and offer the best products and value for every category and every channel. http://www.floridatile.com/

mirageMirage has always been committed to carry out projects in line with sustainable building criteria. The company has channelled further investments for product research and development with the aim of complying whit european and international environmental parameters. http://www.mirage.it/en/homepage/

mosaicosCustom mosaics, glass tile, Talavera, natural stones and hand-painted tiles are only a few of the products featured at Mosaicos. We concentrate on exotic and exclusive products that have allowed us to set the new bar for standards when it comes to home and commercial design. http://www.mosaicostile.com

oceansideAt Oceanside Glasstile, we believe in going the extra step to ensure that you are completely delighted with your glass tile, which is why our service doesn’t end with your tile purchase. Proper installation is key in showcasing our beautiful mosaic and recycled glass tiles. The Technical Support section of the Oceanside Glasstile web site provides you with valuable information on glass tile installation. http://www.glasstile.com/

modwallModwalls’ aesthetic is modern and mid century inspired. What we’re really all about is designing cool and colorful tile, and making it available online for anyone to buy and enjoy in their own home or commercial space. http://www.modwalls.com/


Lending an innovative and modern look to one of the most antique form of pictorial art is the mission of Vitrex Mosaici, a Company established in January 2006 and already acknowledged as one of the most prestigious suppliers to the architectural market. Besides the traditional glass-mosaic range, Vitrex offers glamour-chic collections obtained by playing with the materials’ transparency and the preciousness of the tesserae. http://www.vitrexmosaici.com/

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